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About Us

Our Story

Located in the Pacific Northwest, NATURELO is nestled in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. NATURELO was founded by a couple of folks who dreamed that nutritional supplements should come from Nature, just like our food.

Healthy habits weren’t enough

Being passionate about health, the founders of NATURELO exercised regularly and ate well. However, it became clear that getting all our vitamins and minerals through the diet was harder than it appeared.

What we learned about nutritional supplements

We were surprised to learn that virtually all the multivitamins we found — were full of synthetic ingredients made in a lab. That didn’t sit right with us. Shouldn’t our nutritional supplements come from Nature, just like our food?

Our big idea

We decided to create a Vitamins line that were made entirely with natural ingredients, even if it was difficult (which it was!). We would source our vitamins and minerals from real, organic whole foods whenever possible — like vitamin C from acerola cherries, vitamin E from rice bran, and calcium from algae. For ingredients t hat weren’t available in whole food form, we’d choose natural versions instead of synthetic. And we’d blend them all in a base of organic fruits and vegetables for extra whole food goodness.

That’s how NATURELO was born!

We must have hit a chord with folks just like us, because our all-natural multivitamins, quickly took off. Today, we offer a line of 40+ natural vitamin products all in an effort to help meet the many needs of our wonderful customers.