Magnesium – with Organic Veggies and Seeds - 120 Capsules

Magnesium – with Organic Veggies and Seeds

120 Capsules


(7 customer reviews)

PLANT-BASED: Magnesium Supplement with Magnesium-Rich Organic Vegetables and Organic Seeds. Includes Organic Spinach, Swiss Chard, Okra, Quinoa, Black Bean, Pumpkin Seed, Sunflower Seed and Flaxseed.

POTENT: 200 MG of Magnesium per Capsule can help alleviate Leg Cramps, Insomnia, and Mood Swings.*

PURE: Does not contain GMOs, soy, gluten, yeast, dairy, eggs, corn, nuts, caffeine, coloring, preservatives, or flavoring.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Magnesium Glycinate Chelate Buffered 200 mg 48%
Magnesium-Rich Plants Blend 30 mg
Organic Spinach Leaf
Organic Swiss Chard Leaf
Organic Okra Leaf
Organic Quinoa
Organic Black Bean
Organic Pumpkin Seed
Organic Sunflower Seed
Organic Flaxseed


Take one capsule daily with food. Additional capsules may be taken as needed.


Keep out of reach of children. Individual with a known medical condition should consult a doctor before taking this or any dietary supplement. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use if the safety seal is broken or missing.

7 reviews for Magnesium – with Organic Veggies and Seeds

  1. Evergreen

    The unique thing about this supplement is that it has a blend of organic seeds and vegetables which are known to be rich in magnesium. This helps the overall absorption and easily makes this the most natural magnesium supplement I’ve come across.

  2. Bwhite

    The quality of this magnesium is the best. You can actually feel the difference versus other supplements! I take it for anxiety and sleep. Will continue to buy.

  3. George Strohl

    I have used multiple brands of magnesium and this is the best brand I have used. All of my supplements are Naturelo. Keep up the good work!

  4. Donnell Richardson

    I’m a big fan of Naturelo and I love their approach to magnesium with this formula. The company has chosen to use the glycinate form of magnesium, a highly bioavailable and digestible form of the mineral delivered with a magnesium-rich plants blend of organic spinach leaf, organic Swiss chard leaf, organic okra leaf, and more. 200mg of magnesium is delivered in one single capsule alone, so you don’t have to worry about taking three or four capsules to get an optimal serving of the mineral. The vegetable cellulose capsule also means that additives and fillers are absent from the supplement, only leaving the active ingredients that are fully absorbed and utilized by the body. I do recommend giving this form of magnesium a try. You’re getting this essential mineral in one of the most natural and bioavailable forms with a small plants blend of magnesium-rich foods, too. On a side note, I always take magnesium around or before bedtime. It is also best to take it two hours apart from any other supplements or medications so that it won’t interfere with them. (Along with calcium, magnesium is a big mineral that can block your absorption of anything else taken alongside it!) According to the renowned Dr. Low Dog, Government surveys show that roughly 50 percent of us don’t get the recommended daily allowance (RDA: 320 mg/day for women 420 mg/day men). In addition certain medications such as diuretics and proton pump inhibitors (e.g. Prilosec Nexium) can wipe out magnesium. This is all really bad news since low magnesium intakes are associated with high blood pressure sudden cardiac death type 2-diabetes insulin resistance migraines osteoporosis and asthma.” It is clear that we need to supplement with this essential mineral for optimal health and well-being.”

  5. Vlad Popovic

    I’m still within the self-imposed 90 day initial evaluation period, at the end of which I’ll observe any change or related factor affecting my overall well-being that I typically associate with high-quality supplements. These came highly recommended! In truth, their value proposition is actually impressive when you consider that top tier supplements often cost 2 to 3 times as much. So far so good, above average and improving.

  6. Customer

    I don’t feel any different after taking this.

  7. MikeG

    Good product with organic plant-based sources of magnesium.

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