Bone Strength – with Plant Calcium & Magnesium - 120 Capsules

Bone Strength – with Plant Calcium & Magnesium

120 Capsules


(88 customer reviews)
  • 100% NATURAL: Features Raw Calcium from Algae, Vitamin C from Organic Acerola Cherries, Plant-Sourced Vitamin D3 from Lichen.
  • BETTER ABSORPTION: Includes Nine Critical Co-Factors that Enhance Calcium Absorption – Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Potassium, Boron, Silicon, as well as, Vitamins C, D, & K.
  • COMPLETE FORMULA: Provides 600 mg of Elemental Calcium from Two Different Sources, 200 mg of Natural Magnesium Glycinate, 1000 IU of Vitamin D3, and 7 Other Important Vitamins & Minerals.
  • POWERFUL BENEFITS: Reduces the Risk of Osteoporosis in Men & Women Over 40 – Promotes Bone Density – Supports Joint Health – Restores Wellness – Makes a Perfect Prenatal Supplement for a Healthy Pregnancy.*
  • PURE: Does NOT Contain GMOs, Soy, Gluten, Yeast, Dairy, Eggs, Corn, Nuts, Caffeine, Coloring, Preservatives, or Flavoring. Free of Animal By-Products. Appropriate for Vegans and Vegetarians.
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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Vitamin C (natural; from Organic Acerola Cherry) 60 mg 150%
Vitamin D3 (as plant cholecalciferol; from Lichen) 1000 IU 250%
Vitamin K2 (natural; as menaquinone-7; from B. licheniformis) 60 mcg 75%
Calcium (as 60% Aquamin®; plant-based from Algae; 40% natural citrate-malate) 600 mg 60%
Magnesium (from natural glycinate and Algae) 200 mg 75%
Zinc (as natural amino acid chelate) 8 mg 53%
Manganese (as natural sulfate) 1 mg 50%
Potassium (as natural chloride) 50 mg 1%
Boron (natural) 3 mg
Silicon (from horsetail extract (herb) 3 mg
Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose Capsule


Take 4 capsules daily. For best results, take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules with dinner. Capsules may be opened and powder added to your food or drink.


Keep out of reach of children. Individuals with a known medical condition should consult a doctor before taking this or any dietary supplement. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use if the safety seal is missing.

88 reviews for Bone Strength – with Plant Calcium & Magnesium

  1. Grace

    I think is working at list for cramps in your legs, so must work allover your body. Thanks.

  2. becky robertson

    Best vitamin

  3. Sheryl M.

    Fast shipping, quality product, thank you!!!

  4. Customer

    easy to take and helps with getting enough calcium

  5. Kathy I

    Recently got a Dexa Scan and was told I had osteopenia. I’ve never taken calcium supplements and don’t really believe in them but like the idea of taking one from plant source plus it also has d3 and k2. UPDATE: within 3 months my calcium levels are in normal range. This product works!

  6. Red


  7. Roxanne

    This is one of the best supplements. I usually cant take extra calcium without having problems but I can take this one. I would highly recommend to anyone needing extra calcium.

  8. A. J.

    I can’t tell if my bones are improving, but I can tell you that this is easy on my gut. I have a form of colitis and have to go trial and error on most products I take. So far this form of calcium has and not been the cause of any type of digestive problem. It is a very easily digested product and unlike many I feel being plant based is a good solution for me.

  9. Jessie

    Price too high

  10. Kimberly

    Love this supplement ! no gluten, no soy, no GMO‘s , vegan /Vegetarian friendly. NATURELO Has many great products ! Their customer Service is also excellent , friendly and efficient . Thanks for making such a great vegan supplement .

  11. sswilliams2008

    Eh, I’m going back to my tablets

  12. G. B.

    Great Product! Good nutrition. I like that the product can be taken out of capsule & put in food or beverage since it has neutral flavor.

  13. jBo

    Great product, I opened the capsules and added one to my daily smoothie…

  14. Customer

    I like that this easy-to-swallow pill containing plant calcium and 10 natural vitamins and minerals helps maintain my skeletal strength and diminish the effects of arthritis. It’s desirable for me because it coes not contain animal products.

  15. Daniel

    Don’t mind paying extra for quality ingredients. Only have taken a few so far but no negative reactions

  16. NWal

    A great product that blends the key ingredients for bone health. Compared to other products, especially those marketed in healthfood and grocery stores, Naturelo is a bargain with its combination and quality of ingredients.

  17. Mayte Saavedra

    I’ve been taken the prenatal supplements and it works so good with me, my pregnancy is going really well thanks to naturelo so when my doctor said I should start taking calcium supplements of course I went with these and it’s working really good on me, I live in another country so I had to order more than one and I did, that’s how much I trust naturelo

  18. T. Krenz

    I am so happy with this product. The right combination of natural supplements in bio-available formats. A great value for the money. I take this daily and can feel the difference!

  19. Catriona Dempster

    I was having leg cramps related to osteopenia. After taking this product my cramps have disappeared! I will continue to take Naturelo and look forward to my next bone scan which can confirm that this product is actually as good as I think it is!

  20. maureen svirsky

    I find this to be a very well balanced, well thought out bone strengthening product. It not only contains calcium and magnesium but also supportive nutrients that aid in absorption and assimilation. It is also has organic acerola derived vit C, all natural and non gmo ingredients and is easy to swallow and easy on the stomach. Great product!

  21. metrump

    Terrific product, love that it has vitamin K to help absorb the calcium.

  22. Night of Starz

    I use these for my cats because off the better tolerance for plant based nutrition supplements. They haven’t refused it blended into food except when I first got it. I’d use it for me but I have a blend of 1/2 a capsule into their individual food dishes. I have a bone resorption issue so have to be real careful taking any calcium.

  23. dostoyevsky

    It took away my tooth sensitivity in a day or two. My teeth got very sensitive from the extra stress of going through a bone fracture surgery. I took it to speed up the healing. Hopefully it helped the bone healing, but the teeth almost immediatly.

  24. Customer

    Fantastic product.Reccomended by 2 chiropractor’s for my bone loss due to medication I take for post treatment of breast cancer.I have a very sensitive stomach and have had nausea issues with other supplements .This product is vegetarian,absolutely gentle to my stomach.Highly recccomend it!

  25. Gary Ujifusa

    I’ve purchased this before. High quality with a great mix of vitamins. Will buy again. The only negative is the price is higher than many other brands.

  26. Steve Marchant

    This product is an excellent nerve relaxant for my wife. Also, her nail almost immediately turn from transparent looking to an solid white. This to her means it is strengthening not just her nails, but her bones too.

  27. dani wang

    This is the only calcium supplement my body can tolerate. It’s probably because the manufacturer uses calcium in the form of citrate-malate and magnesium in the form of glycinate. Both of these nutrients have a very good safety record and do not cause any side effects even when ingested in large quantities. So I’ll be a long-term user of this brand.

  28. T Lo

    This is a great brand, and I have been taking it for six months now. I take it to keep my vitamin D levels normalized and also for the mag to prevent muscle spasms.

  29. George Malchow

    I Hope this supplement will help me all the others do. I have never Broken a Bone in my Body. I Hope it stays that way.

  30. B. Kobayashi

    I hope this helps my osteopenia. I like the capsule form and find them easy to swallow, digest and tolerate.

  31. mike

    I like these not sure how well they work but I love the ingredients

  32. Rose M. Gerard

    Just started taking these, so far, so good

  33. Deva wave

    All natural, hubby and I both take it and like it.

  34. Lisa

    Great stuff

  35. Susan K

    Quality ingredients. With a supplement like this it’s tough to determine benefits, but I trust this company and have had very good results with a number of their products.

  36. margret


  37. Cristy Jones

    This product has everything for Bone Strength in 1 supplement. Since I’m fighting osteoporosis at 62, I need everything to work together.

  38. Larry Wagner

    The product seems to work well.

  39. frank paulus

    as advertised.quick shipping.would recommend

  40. PhyllisF

    Much needed because it is vegetarian for bone strength

  41. Leroy Ivey

    I used to be a fan of Mega Food’s Bone Strength Supplements, but now I’m a fan of Naturelo’s Bone Strength Supplements.

  42. frog princess

    Looks ok but can’t really say if it works or not. How do you ever really know on stuff like this?

  43. Customer

    I like that the calcium in this supplement is from a plant source and not the cheap calcium carbonate from limestone found in most other supplements of this kind. It just makes me feel better taking it.

  44. BookClubVal

    About a year ago when I was researching the best vitamins to use, Naturelo was the #1 choice. I have been using Naturelo vitamins and minerals since then. I am so glad they make this Bone Strength product. As a 48 YO woman with osteopenia, it is very important to me to make sure I am using a calcium product that is readily absorbed into my system. Naturelo’s products are bioavailable and being in capsule form is an important factor for the bioavailability. I take the recommended dose (4 capsules/day) daily; two in the morning and two with dinner. And the bonus….it contains Vitamin D! So, I do not have to take a separate product containing Vitamin D, unless I need to do so. I will continue to use this 5-star product!!!

  45. Amy Marks

    I was searching for a plant-based calcium supplement. After doing some research, I realized that Naturelo Bone Strength had the right combination of plant calcium with K2 and D3 for optimal absorption. Plus no fillers or additives. I’m trying to strengthen my bones and this supplement is helping. I would highly recommend this product. NATURELO Bone Strength – with Plant Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins C, D3, & K2 – Best Whole-Food Supplement for Bone Health – 120 Vegetarian Capsules

  46. Holly

    Finding supplements that are natural and way more than chemicals produced in a lab is my top health priority. I discovered the Naturelo brand supplements and am very impressed by the fact that they are made from whole, natural foods and put together synergistically to complement the ingredients for bio-availability. I’m not a fake reviewer here, but I am diligent to do my research and very cautious about consuming inexpensive, low-quality supplements. Bone Strength has essential nutrients that work together to support health, and nothing added that doesn’t. That is important to me. I’m ordering my third bottle. Very satisfied.

  47. Amela Kuduzovic

    I have been buying this product for my parents for few years now and have repeatedly ask my mother if it works? if she notices any difference? Is there a taste? For the background information my mother is not someone who takes any pills because she doesn’t believe in it. After complaining to me about her knee pain and joint pain I suggested she takes a vitamin which of course she refused but I’m prosuasive and I was able to get her to agree to try it out. This is the item I settled on after looking at few other brands on here. My mother has been consistent with taking these. Her report is that she does notice a difference and less pain in her joints, it’s easier for her to bend, squat and do various things. There is no aftertaste to the vitamins and no additional side affects. We are now having my father take it as well. I love the fact that it’s plant based, it is pricey but worth the money.

  48. anonymous

    I’ve been taking this bone strength supplement for a little over two months and I already notice a difference in my joints. My whole life, my toes crack when I walk and I’ve tried many supplements over the years with no results. I can finally walk without crickety cracking the whole way! Yay for plant based calcium!

  49. KOS

    I need to take calcium for osteoporosis. I chose this brand as it has a comprehensive formula that contains not only calcium but also other minerals necessary for the proper absorption of calcium. I also like the fact that it does NOT contain anything artificial. I’m on my third bottle now, and will not have another DEXA scan until March 2019, so I can’t say whether this supplement will improve my DEXA numbers.

  50. Reviewer

    Naturelo Bone Stregth vitamins have worked well for me, my fingernails are healthy and strong. I like that you can take apart the capsule, and just use the vitamin powder in a beverage. I also really appreciated that the company sent an email when they change the bottle label look and information. It clearly stating the changes, including percentages of content, and why.

  51. Ashley

    My mother has osteoporosis so I have started taking measures to prevent it with myself. I don’t eat/drink my dairy and I wanted a plant based product as a supplement and this product has been wonderful. I only take one capsule vs the four that’s recommended daily and my nails are super strong now. I don’t notice it at all with my stomach either. Super gentle and love this product so far!

  52. Heather Jordan

    Everything I was looking for in a calcium supplement: vegan, non-gmo, made in USA, no-taste capsules.

  53. Ken

    This is the best product in this category I have seen. It has the best forms of calcium, magnesium, k2 and d3 which are all important to have to balance each one they way it should.

  54. zekra nooh

    Very good for my bone works really good great seller

  55. Barbara B. Martin

    It is plant based, full strength that my doc recommended, and the capsules don’t upset my stomach. Love it!

  56. Debra

    Easy to swallow

  57. Chad S.

    Been using the NATURELO Bone Strength for the last 30 days and WOW! Just WOW! Love this brand, incredible products!

  58. stufam

    I love the natural ingredients in this product!

  59. alyssa king

    Love It, Premium it is! Quality and Pure Ingredients! Simply The Best Choice in Market!

  60. Bethanie

    Great supplement

  61. RPG

    I bought this after doing a lot of research on calcium and magnesium supplements. I was in need of some bone and joint support during my recent pregnancy, and I noticed the change in energy, no more aching joints (especially at night) and no more sensitive teeth, within about a week of regularly taking this. My baby is now three weeks old, and I plan on continuing to take this while I breastfeed her.

  62. Rich

    I have been a big believer that calcium is one of the most important minerals to have in your body, especially as you get older. This was confirmed when I had gastric bypass surgery almost 10 years ago and was given a supplement routine. I was already taking vitamin’s and mineral supplements, but had to alter what I was taking due to my new digestive track. Calcium was one of the biggest changes. Recently I started looking into the supplements I was taking and decided I wanted to go more natural with my supplements and spent a month in research and found Naturelo. With good reviews and research I went with them, especially for their plant based calcium supplement. They had a good mix of Vitamin D and Magnesium, which is required to digest calcium and some additional vitamins and minerals that make it a great supplement all around. I take this along with their Whole Food Multivitamin for Men and it replaces all of the chemical supplements I was taking before. So, now I get all of the same or more of the vitamins and minerals that my doctors recommended, however, it’s a much higher quality of nutrition that makes me feel great.

  63. Pam Beard

    I love everything about Naturelo vitamins and supplements! Most important to me is that their products are made from organic whole foods. There is nothing synthetic in them, and they are free of GMOs, preservatives, coloring, stimulants, and common allergens. Additionally, they are made in the USA, something that is of great importance to me. Naturelo’s Bone Strength formula is derived from algae, a highly sustainable and eco-friendly food source that is rich in calcium. They also contain other vitamins and minerals that are proven to help in the absorption of calcium. Having taken calcium supplements for years, these are by far the most complete formula that I have found on the market. I often have problems swallowing pills, so these vegetarian capsules are exactly what I need. Kudos to Naturelo!

  64. Customer

    It seems to work well. You do need to take additional magnesium for another source to get the right ratio of calcium and magnesium, but that is probably fine as I have heard that it is best not to take calcium and magnesium at the same time. My nails are growing strong and hard since taking this supplement and I no longer have much problem with leg cramps at night. I am very happy with it and will probably order again.

  65. Teri Cassidy

    I was looking to re-vamp my vitamins and supplements to increase the quality of what I take but also to simply my regime. Throughout my research, Naturelo kept coming up as one of the best (if not the best) rated vitamin. I looked into their Bone Strength and saw it too had the same quality. I have been using this product for about 6 months and LOVE it. The calcium is plant based (great since I am vegetarian) and has more bioavailability. I trust this line and will continue to use its products. P.S. Love their probiotics also!

  66. Lisa

    My whole family and I Love these supplements!! I just ordered some things for my daughter who no longer lives at home, and she will be switching to Naturelo as well! 🙂 We Love that these supplements are of the highest nutritional quality, and come from organic whole food! We are very particular about what we ingest, so we are very grateful for All of you at Naturelo, and for these supplements!! I myself have personally felt a difference in my over all Well Being with these supplements….they clear any brain fog and help bring clarity, they help with proper functioning of the nervous system, endocrine system, and digestive system, and help energize naturally without feeling overcharged! They help to bring about Well Being, and I feel very grounded, and balanced. I also really like that I can take some with breakfast and dinner. 🙂 I have really noticed a difference in my special needs son’s behavior and these supplements have helped him to be more present in our reality too. Proper high quality nutrients are Key to our Well Being, and we’re in gratitude galore that these supplements are available!! Thanks So Much for your compassion, and care!! We will definitely be repeat customers!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

  67. mamashay

    I used this product because it was highly recommended for a back problem. I feel it is more effective than the calcium I was using.

  68. Sarita W.

    Naturello is a good source for Plant Calcium, started taking it after my internist infomed me that the old fashioned calcium pills I was taking were doing nothing for my bones. Cannot wait for my next bone density test, still have some time to go and in the meantime naturello has stopped my joint pains and helped with my walking and yoga cannot wait to see how improved my bone condition will be. Thanks Naturello.

  69. Ed. K. Wong

    I appreciate the ingredients that makeup this product is from whole foods. I have been purchasing these a few times and will continue to order them. They are for a family member who had a terrible fracture on the arm, and happens to be extremely sensitive to foods and vitamins, but he has no negative reactions from this product. X-rays showed that his bones set very quickly after a traumatic fracture also. Now I started adding these supplements for my parents too!

  70. TB

    This Bone Strength Calcium supplement comes from algae, a natural and whole food source. I stick to the natural, whole food sources. I feel safer that way. Naturelo Bone Strength also includes other things I need, like D3, the sunshine vitamin and K2.

  71. Todd Maxwell Hubbard

    I like this product because i am confident that that it is made from natural quality ingredients and a recent bone density scan confirms that this product works.

  72. Cathy M.

    Very pleased with finding a calcium that is plant based for maximum absorption. Did a thorough comparison to other similar products and overall, this particular calcium comes up as the very best qualtiy for the price.

  73. Neelabh

    This is an excellent supplement. I did research for my wife’s prenatal calcium needs and found this. We are vegan and supplements are hard to find. We use it till date even as she is nursing and even I take it regularly as day to day food at times is not enough to fulfill daily calcium needs due to our fast-paced lifestyle.

  74. BB

    so happy to find non animal source of calcium

  75. Boo

    I am hoping it builds strong bones

  76. Customer

    I like that this is a vegan vitamin that is made out of plant based sources and is free of all the allergens I stay away from (gluten, dairy, and soy)!

  77. Steven J Lindgren

    Knowing that the supplements are produced using the best process and ingredients is the difference from most others.

  78. abqmama

    easy to swallow. fast ship and good price. thx!

  79. Jacqueline Nuccio

    Easy to swallow and delivered in a timely manner as to keep on a regular schedule

  80. Customer

    I don’t feel any different after taking this.

  81. Marcy H

    I like that the calcium in this supplement is from a plant source and not the cheap calcium carbonate from limestone found in most other supplements of this kind. It just makes me feel better taking it.

  82. Roxanne

    I usually can’t take calcium without having problems but I can take this one. I would highly recommend to anyone needing extra calcium.

  83. Michael

    Great product. Thank you.

  84. Gordon Yurk

    Naturelo products consist of the utmost superior organic ingredients over any other supplements on the market. I’ve tried a great number of other so-called healthy supplements and none can compare or come close to equaling Naturelo. Three weeks after taking these products, I noticed a positive and more healthy difference. I also eat and drink healthy items to obtain optimal health. So, along with Naturelo, it’s a triple win-win outcome!

  85. meggi_b

    Love that’s its plant-based on does not have calcium derived from crushed limestone.

  86. rose.zee_cherry

    Fantastic product. Recommended by 2 chiropractor’s for my bone loss due to medication I take for post treatment of breast cancer. I have a very sensitive stomach and have had nausea issues with other supplements .This product is vegetarian, absolutely gentle to my stomach. Highly recommend it!

  87. pompiere00

    This is a great brand, and I have been taking it for six months now. I take it to keep my vitamin D levels normalized and also for the mag to prevent muscle spasms.–Love that its natural too.

  88. Jenny Sutton

    My most recent scan showed an improvement in my bone density after taking this supplement for 6 months.

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