Omega-3 Fish Oil MINI - 120 softgels | 2 month supply

Omega-3 Fish Oil MINI

120 softgels | 2 month supply


(74 customer reviews)
  • Small Size – Designed for children & adults who have trouble swallowing
  • High Potency – Offers 830 mg of Omega-3 per serving
  • High Absorption – Uses the superior Triglyceride form of Omega-3
  • Exceptional Purity – Thanks to our Advanced Molecular Distillation
  • Top Quality – Made a GMP-certified, FDA-audited facility in the USA
  • Proven Benefits – Shown to support Brain, Heart, Eye and Joint health*
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1. Uses the more expensive Triglyceride form of Omega-3, which is proven to have better absorption than the cheaper Ethyl Ester form.

2. Contains 830 mg of Triglyceride Omega-3 per serving.

3. Small softgels perfect for children and adults who have trouble swallowing.

4. Advanced molecular distillation for exceptional purity, each batch is tested to ensure the oil is free of Lead, Mercury, PCBs, Arsenic, and Cadmium.

5. No fishy burps, our oil has no smell. We have even added natural lemon flavor for a great lemon aftertaste!

6. The lowest Oil Oxidation Score in the industry, which means the fish oil can retain its pristine freshness for up to 3 years.

7. Sourced in the US from sustainable, wild-caught Alaska Pollock (most competitors import their oil from Peru or China).

8. Purified and encapsulated in a GMP-certified, FDA-audited facility in the United States, which guarantees high manufacturing quality and precise labeling.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

74 reviews for Omega-3 Fish Oil MINI

  1. Dapp

    Great product, sealed bottle, works great. No problems with fish taste or expired pills. They have lemon oil in them which I did not know, but it’s nice because for the occasional fish burp that these may cause it doesn’t taste like fish. I rarely get the burps with these so I will definitely buy again.

  2. Tish Lubenow

    I’ve had knee and joint pain for years. Suddenly it’s gotten so much better. The only thing that changed was my addition of Naturelo vitamin and mineral supplements and their fish oil. It has to be that. I’m still amazed. I need to go in for some routine bloodwotk next week so I’ll be interested to see if my labs have improved any.

  3. Pollianna Rolle

    My mom, bf and I started using your multi vitamins and fish oil for a few weeks and have all felt the results of this wonderful supplement. We love that it is all natural! I’ve not been feeling well in the past. I was always depressed, fatigued and sick. After I started using Naturelo’s daily multi vitamins – iron free along with the Omega 3 fish oils I started feeling different. I’m now feeling overall well

  4. stacey byxbe

    I really like this supplement. I do not like fish at all. So I am not getting the nutritious benefits from fish. I wanted a supplement to get the Omega 3, but most fish oil supplements have the after taste and the fish” taste if you burp. There is no way I could stand that. This supplement is easy to swallow and has a lemon additive. There is absolutely no fish aftertaste whatsoever. I am extremely happy with this supplement!”

  5. Mike

    I’m simply not noticing any change in my health etc. Hard to say if this is legit. Staying neutral for now.

  6. Ben

    Fish Oil, among other things, makes my brain feel good, my skin clear, and my body feel lighter. I take it as part of a holistic wellness program. I’ve tried a few different supplements and Naturelo has a good product. Their customer service is really top notch as well. Hope you enjoy.

  7. randy

    Good fish oil no burps naturelo makes great supplements you can trust.

  8. Rini

    This brand of vitamin is exceptional. Took it with my pre natals. A little pricey but worth it because it’s a quality fish oil vitamin. I would def buy again.

  9. Cindy B.

    Very pleased. Follow directions and take right before a meal and you won’t have any problems with the dreaded fish burps”!”

  10. Customer

    The fish oil does not repeat on me. The regular size capsules are big. There is a smaller size that is easier to swallow. i think it is a quality product.

  11. Stephanie FAYOLLE

    at first I had hard time digesting them, then I took them in a middle of lunch that is my main meal of the day and it was fine

  12. Jody Stepp

    Tastes good going down. No burps and no fishy taste! Perfect!

  13. Taylor

    zero fish after taste but 100% of the benefits

  14. Jeffrey Schillawski

    great & no aftertaste

  15. Customer

    good quality product! Item as described. Recommend!

  16. Petra E.

    I take vitamins all the time but these make me feel so good. There is no bloating, my good seems to digest much better as well. Great product.

  17. Sue

    Love love love these. No fish burps! Best fish oil supplements i have tried!

  18. Customer

    Very Pleased with this product. I rarely get the burps” but when I have they are lemon burps which is surprisingly pleasant. No fishy taste at all.”

  19. Paula Jean O’Brien

    I’ve had great luck with all their supplements.

  20. Eric Stuhldreher

    Definitely helps if you are having trouble with dry eyes. It got rid of mine pretty quickly so this is a daily supplement I will not go without.

  21. narfie

    I like that I only have to take this product once a day instead of two. This is the type of product that my eye doctor recommends for dry eye, so it has to follow very strict guidelines. The fact that it is triglyceride based and can be more easily absorbed is definitely what I was looking for. Thus, I am safe taking less of this product. That makes it a very affordable and reliable product.

  22. Customer

    Don’t usually review but after taking this for close to a month my lower back pain has really subsided. Didn’t really think about it until the other day. Only change I made was taking this. Hope it continues to help

  23. Pam N

    Exactly what I was looking for and customer service was great! I contacted them and asked for help and they helped me decide on what to get based on my needs. Very nice. I thank them much.

  24. douglas

    Excellent product! We are happy with it. Highly recommend.

  25. lisa

    I love this brand – my husband and I use the multi-vitamins as well as the fish oil. No aftertaste with these – we have been pleased.

  26. Diana Hincapie

    I ordered the omega 3 based on the ingredients they use. It’s high in EPA which was exactly what I was looking for. Great product!!

  27. C.K.

    Good source of Omega3

  28. alyssa king

    Quality and Pure Ingredients!!! Naturelo is the company to go with!!!

  29. Tom Michelena

    I like the fact that I don’t have fish oil tastes with Naturelo. They really are the best supplements.

  30. Customer

    I also ordered the prenatal vitamin from this company. I am very happy with my choice! I feel comforted knowing I am getting a healthy vitamin for my baby!

  31. Makaila W.

    Works great for my 9 year old!!! He is able to swallow them! Perfect size!

  32. Customer

    Fast delivery. An amazing product for the price. I will buy again.


    I’ve been taking the Fish Oil Supplements and the Vitamins for Women for almost a year now and I feel so much better! My hair and nails are so healthy and I have a lot more energy and overall just feel better!

  34. Trinigal

    No fishy after taste.

  35. Customer

    I’ve been using this product for about a year with great results. I prefer this product because I don’t notice the fishy taste that comes with other supplements. Easy to recommend.

  36. Jennifer

    I like this fish oil a lot. I can take this and not have any of that taste or ‘burps’ that I normally get when taking other fish oil supplements. My skin and my hair seem healthier…I feel I am giving my body something lacking in my normal every day diet. Very good supplement. Thank you.

  37. crmj2002

    Everything was exactly as described. A+

  38. Carlos L. Iniguez

    Thank you for making these natural supplements.These days of GMO and synthetic ingredients people are looking for another alternative. A healthier and natural product.

  39. Sheena


  40. Cathy Reeder

    Excellent fish oil. This is my 3rd order. Quick shipping and top notch Customer service.

  41. Tim Skelton

    This product is amazing! It’s got high levels of omega-3 and doesn’t have ANY of the bad, fishy aftertaste like most capsules do!

  42. Rob L

    seems to help remedy dry skin as well

  43. k.a.s

    This is by far the best fish oil. There is no fish after taste, it has lemon in it which is a nice after taste. Not too strong though. I will be buying this again.

  44. Doug Rybarczyk

    this has helped my dry eye

  45. Bryan Collier

    Seems like some of the capsules busted open during shipping. I’ve got a sticky, fishy, mess in a bottle. I’ll probably tough it out as I can handle sticky capsules for a month. The supplement itself came highly recommended by a friend, and I’ve been using naturellos men’s multi for a while now and love it, so 5 stars

  46. zekra nooh

    Good to keep your bad cholesterol down excellent item and great seller

  47. nanci

    excellent. will continue to buy.

  48. anitainlosfeliz

    I love Naturelo products… especially the fact that there are no fillers in them. Thanks for caring about what you make! 🙂

  49. Caseydog

    I like this fish oil

  50. Connie Tuschl

    Good product

  51. Chris

    No fishy smell


    I and my family take this supplements well. It is good for our health.

  53. Christian S.

    Great product! Will order again!

  54. Jason Bell

    Excellent experience!

  55. FlyGuy

    Great product with great customer service!

  56. Customer

    Excellent product

  57. Customer


  58. Raul

    My doctor recommended them after I complained on how much I hated taking fish oil. To me the capsules have no taste. They’re big but easy to swallow and you don’t get that fishy burly feeling afterwards. I’ve been told by many doctors since I was in high school, that I need to take fish oil and I buy them but I hate them. This particular Brandi don’t mind taking at all.

  59. BellaGizmo

    From a facts perspective this is the ideal fish oil supplement. Most fish oil is cheap and does not come in triglyceride which is natural. Everything is packaged nice, no fish burps and great customer service!

  60. J&S

    Too expensive.

  61. Pam Fortun

    These are great for the value! No fishy taste at all.

  62. Vikas

    Great, high quality fish oil supplement! Use to get dry eyes all the time but rarely do now and no fish burp!

  63. Customer


  64. pm

    No fish burps with Naturelo Omega 3 fish oil.

  65. Relationshipman

    There are many Omega – 3 fish oils out there, but Naturelo’s fish oil does not leave you that fish aftertaste. This and Naturelo’s other food supplements are natural and not synthetic, which is very rare to find these days.

  66. Jerry C.

    A great product and a great price. My wife and I both really like Naturelo products.

  67. kristie O

    Awesome not fishy tasting at all

  68. michelle

    Five Stars

  69. Granny Cee

    Works as expected … fishy after taste.

  70. s. white

    Easy to swallow and virtually burpless.

  71. Rachel

    Easy to swallow and doesn’t have an after taste

  72. water sauce

    Says no fishy burps, but I experience fishy burps. I’ll live. Not as ‘fishy’ as cheaper brands though.

  73. Customer

    I don’t feel any different after taking this.

  74. MomOf3

    Good size for my kids

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