One Daily Multivitamin for Men - 120 capsules | 4 month supply

One Daily Multivitamin for Men

120 capsules | 4 month supply


(123 customer reviews)

★ Contains NATURAL Vitamins A, C, D, & E ★ With ORGANIC Fruits & Vegetables ★ GMO-Free ★ Soy-Free ★ Gluten-Free ★ No Preservatives, Coloring or Flavoring ★ Supports Immunity ★ Antioxidants for Heart, Brain & Eye Health ★ Made in the USA ★ One Capsule a Day Covers All Your Vitamin and Mineral Needs

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Most multivitamin brands contain synthetic vitamins manufactured in a lab, which lack the additional co-factors, such as enzymes and minerals, required for proper absorption. Our vitamins come from real food, so your body can recognize and utilize them better.

– We derive our Vitamin C from Organic Acerola Cherry, which costs 5 times more per gram than synthetic vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid).
– We use plant-based Calcium from Algae, which is 3 times more expensive than regular Calcium, which is derived from crushed limestone.
– Our premium Folate costs 24 times more than Folic Acid.
– On average, this multivitamin costs 300% more to produce than similar products. But our price is not 300% higher, so you get much better value for your money.

– Unlike tablets, capsules do not contain binders, flavoring and coloring.
– Capsules are made of vegetable cellulose (the main source of fiber in broccoli, kale, and asparagus). The extra fiber helps your digestive health.
– Encapsulated vitamins are not damaged from the heat created during tablet compression.
– Capsule ingredients come in powder form, so they dissolve faster and get absorbed by your body sooner.

– Our supplements are made in the USA in an FDA-audited facility, which follows GMP practices.
– Every single ingredient has been tested for purity and potency.
– You can be certain the amounts listed on the label are exactly what you’re getting in each capsule.

This multivitamin is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t love it, for whatever reason, we’ll replace it or give you every cent back. So don’t waste your money on cheap, ineffective supplements. Experience the NATURELO difference today!

There is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary.

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Additional information

Weight 0.16 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.25 × 4.25 in

Take one (1) capsule daily with a meal and a full glass of water.


Vitamin A (as natural beta-carotene from D. salina with full spectrum carotenoids) 1000 mcg 111%
Vitamin C (as natural; from Organic Acerola Cherries) 100 mg 111%
Vitamin D3 (from Organic Lichen) 22 mcg 110%
Vitamin E (natural; from Organic Rice Bran) 16.5 mg 110%
Vitamin K2 (natural; as menaquinone-7; from B. licheniformis) 120 mcg 100%
Thiamin (as natural benfotiamine) 1.3 mg 110%
Riboflavin (natural) 1.4 mg 110%
Niacin (as natural niacinamide) 17.6 mg 110%
Vitamin B6 [as natural pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (P-5-P)] 1.9 mg 110%
Folate [as Quatrefolic® (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate (L-5-MTHF)] 400 mcg 100%
Vitamin B12 (as natural methylcobalamin) 2.6 mcg 110%
Biotin (natural) 33 mcg 110%
Pantothenic Acid (natural) 5.5 mg 110%

Calcium (as Aquamin 50% and natural citrate 50%) 100 mg 8%

Phosphorus (natural) 60 mg 5%
Iodine (from Organic Kelp) 100 mcg 67%
Magnesium (as natural citrate) 100 mg 24%
Zinc (as natural amino acid chelate) 10 mg 91%
Selenium (as yeast-free L-selenomethionine) 50 mcg 91%
Copper (as natural amino acid chelate) 0.5 mg 56%
Manganese (natural) 1.5 mg 65%
Chromium (organically bound w/GTF activity) 30 mcg 86%
Molybdenum (natural Krebs complex) 40 mcg 89%

Organic Fruit & Vegetable Blend 60 mg
Organic Carrot 10 mg
Organic Blueberry 10 mg
Organic Kale 10 mg
Organic Pomegranate 10 mg
Organic Raspberry 10 mg
Organic Spinach 10 mg

Safety Information

Does not contain GMOs, soy, gluten, milk/dairy, eggs, corn, coloring, preservatives, or flavoring. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use if outer seal is missing.

123 reviews for One Daily Multivitamin for Men

  1. Dennis Moore

    I wanted a multivitamin that came from only real foods. I liked the high online reviews. I liked the reasonable price per capsule as compared to others of lesser quality.

  2. Bernard M. Bujard

    Excellent product. Much better quality than some of the other major vitamin brands that everyone is familiar with.

  3. Ulices

    These pills worked instantly for me specially since I work a midnight shift and Im always feeling sluggish and tired, I noticed the difference immediately on the first night of taking them. It’s been a couple weeks now and I’ve had alot more energy working this midnight shift then before definitely would recommend them to anyone .

  4. Nightwolf

    After awhile of taking these vitamins I feel great!!! I have more energy and mental clarity to get though my day and to get up early to exercise which in turn is better for you! Also very happy with how clean and the quality of the ingredients. Looking forward to try other NATURELO products. Give these things a shot, I think you’re like it!

  5. Steinomite

    Had kidney stones and was looking for something without inorganic calcium.

  6. Customer

    Great vitamins I feel more energetic .. Gentle for the stomach amazing product !

  7. William S. Dorok

    Good stuff. Worked out.

  8. doug nicholson

    The best ingredients i can find so far any where. I love that this company has a lot of zinc in it. Also that they don’t use probiotic’s in it like all the other ones. I have bad reactions to certain probiotic’s, and the ones used in most multivitamins give me a bad reaction. Thanks for the amazing product.

  9. Mark B

    Excellent vitamin. Natural ingredients, effective.

  10. Jeff

    Product is exactly stated in the description.

  11. Herberth M.

    Gives me a lot of energy through out the day. I play soccer twice a week at night and it keeps me going till game time without any problem, besides the green tea I drink before the game, this Vitamins are great, I feel the difference.

  12. Joshua John Petrecky

    I’ve ordered a few Naturelo products so far and I am beyond satisfied with every one. I’m a professional bodybuilder and certified personal trainer. My body and the level at which it functions is absolutely critical to not only what I’ve accomplished thus far, but longevity in both arenas; fitness, in general and competing. That’s what initially drove me to try Naturelo in the first place; clean, healthy ingredients, so to speak, no fillers or additives. Fitness isn’t just about looking healthy or even feeling healthy, it’s about BEING healthy, and the other two will fall right into place. Thank you for an incredibly high quality product.

  13. What Kenny Says

    One a day, SIMPLE, TOP QUALITY NATURAL VITAMIN. One bottle lasts two months. I have it on subscription and can’t see any reason that would change.

  14. Emerson Boxill

    I ordered the FOR MEN for myself, and FOR WOMEN for my wife one night, and it arrived early morning the next day. It’s all organic, gives you a good amount of all the vitamins you need, and is very easy to swallow. The prices are very reasonable as well. The company sent me an email informing me of various ways to use this product. We are both thoroughly impressed with this product and company.

  15. Albert Sebastian Hernandez

    Exelent multivatiamis i have ever in my whole life taken, It makes me feel so great, so good, I can’t explain the positive feelings it gives me, exelent source of natural vitamins, I feel relaxed and calm at the same time, I feel. That I can make any decision with ease. And I can control any negative feeling with ease. I Thank the holy spirit for guiding me in choseimg for me The best vitamins I have ever taken.

  16. Albert j Sardina sr.

    I am very pleased with your product has plenty of vitamins and nutrients I’ve been taking it every day for a few of days I feel little better I’m sure to it will work in better as time goes ,all vitamins take at least a week or so to have the best impact on your body would buy again thank you Al – N.Y.

  17. Blake S.

    The daily men’s multivitamin by NATURELO has been the best multivitamin I’ve ever tried. I’ve always wondered if I was truly benefiting from previous multivitamins as I never felt any different. I was doing some digging for comparisons and reviews around the web and found NATURELO. After ordering and taking this for the first few days, I noticed an immediate difference in my general well-being, particularly with my energy level at work. It feels like having the right balance of vitamins is now supporting my needs throughout the day. I’d highly recommend using the multi!

  18. Jenny Herndon

    Overpriced treehugger product that is not any better than regular drug store multivitamin

  19. James M.

    I can honestly say that this is one of the times when after taking this product I actually felt a difference of all around feeling better. I will look to replace what I take with more natural vs synthetic & go so I will be looking to buy a few more of your supplements. I would recommend this product!!!!

  20. JSV

    I figured I would give these a try as I have been taking Garden of Life’s Men’s RAW for a few years. These are much more affordable and a good all around multi. I experienced no issues taking on an empty stomach so that’s a huge plus. I don’t think they are as good as Garden of Life’s but these are much more convenient in that you don’t have to take 4 pills per day. Overall, a good well rounded multivitamin for the price.

  21. ThatGuy74

    I bought them because they are the most bioavailable form of each vitamin and half the price of the ones I was taking. I’m glad you have the same formula for the children, I didn’t know that when I bought mine. You guys should let the people that buy the adult vitamins know that you have them available for their kids I bet a lot of parents would buy them.

  22. Laura A.

    My husband loves these because they are very easy to take with ONE A DAY dosing and they don’t get stuck or lodged in your throat like other multi vitamins! Also the ingredients are OUTSTANDING! I appreciate that he’s getting nutrition from Whole Foods rather synthetic nutrients! Please continue to make FABULOUS PRODUCTS NATURELO!!!

  23. FireballMushRoomTail

    I been taking these for the past couple weeks. I haven’t noticed any difference. Not sure if it’s the vitamin or maybe it doesn’t work for me. At least I don’t have any side effects like the previous multivitamins I’ve had.

  24. A.J.

    I really like these vitamins. They don’t go overboard on certain vitamins like most other brands do, that you end up peeing florescent colored urine and wasting your money. I really like the whole food concept and the fact that this is a small family owned company. Naturelo will be the brand I stick with from now on.

  25. chuck

    So far, so good. They are cheaper than the GNC vitamins I was using and only one a day is required. I was curious, though, as to why the first batch I ordered was a darker color than the 2d and 3d batch.

  26. Wellfit

    To be able to cover all the bases of nutrients and do it in food form is what I like best about the men’s multivitamin. I like the fact that the vitamin c is from acerola cherries, B12 is from methylcobalamin, and the calcium is from natural citrate. I also like the fact it is just one pill and not several seeing that I take several other supplements as well. Finally, I also enjoy knowing that I am getting extra fruit and vegetable intake with the fruit and veggie blend. I am a big believer in getting your nutrients from food but sometimes we just need a little help and supplementation by a trusted company like Naturelo is where I fill in the gaps.

  27. James P.

    I have not taken these yet since they have not arrived. Wish it has more stuff for prostate problems. I gave it 4 stars based on whats in it, I like the K2 MK-7. I also take a K2 MK4/ D3 pill from Mason as well. 2 years ago I had a calcium CT scan of my heart and I scored a 90, which is bad. I am going to retest someday and see if the K2 has reversed my blockages.

  28. Phillip

    Very simple vitamins, not overloaded with too much of any specific vitamin. Seems like my body is absorbing all of the vitamins instead of it just being pissed out, literally.

  29. donna peters

    I purchased this supplement for my 17 year old son who has ADD. This supplement has no junk in it, and is all natural. Along with a healthy diet, I believe this supplement adds to my son’s overall wellness, and I will continue to purchase so long as it helps my son.

  30. Britt V.

    Bought this for my boyfriend since he’s not getting enough vitamins throughout the day with the food he eats and he loves it! He has much more energy and gets through his workday without fatigue; prior to taking these he was tired everyday at work and these keep him going.

  31. Jerry C.

    I like the Naturelo vitamins because they are easy to swallow, no unpleasant after-taste and the price. My wife and I both take them and feel they are a good source of supplements to help keep us healthy.

  32. deejay

    Seriously this gave me breakouts. I had to stop using it. I’m not sure which of the ingredients that caused breakouts.

  33. Angel Robinson

    The pills do get absorb very well , I had several deficiencies and normally when taking supplements it take a while before you see any significant changes. I can honestly say I m impressed with the product. I did my monthly blood test and I had resolved must of my deficiencies , very impressed I will continue to buy this product for now on.

  34. BellaGizmo

    I started taking this supplement last fall and I noticed a difference. More energy and I seemed to just feel better. Completely anecdotal, but I was able to make it through this winter season without getting sick. Only thing that changed this year was taking this supplement along with the Naturelo fish oil.

  35. Pierre Chong

    I tried this out and they are great when you compare the price vs value. I tried another brand that was good as well but the price was getting really high and decided to try this one out and it does not cause any problems to my stomach.

  36. Customer

    How do you review a daily vitamin? I don’t fell any better or any worse than normal, i guess all i can say is i haven’t gotten a flu in the past couple weeks so maybe my immune system is good? Hard to write a review compared to drinking like a Monster or Redbull where you can actually feel a difference. So yeah, i guess these are good.

  37. Ryan

    Don’t know if they really work. But it lists natural ingredients instead of the fake replacements most vitamins use. I find that to be more effective and healthier. My bottle is different than the one pictured as I type this. Mine is a men’s vitamin formula.

  38. M. Woods

    We purchased this product for our adult son. He’s been taking these for about 3-months and he already looks better than he has in years. We’ve just purchased another bottle. We’re sold.

  39. LR507

    Great quality product that you can feel good about taking. My husband didn’t notice anything different when he started these (like other reviewers stated), but he’s not the type to. At least we feel good about what he’s taking. Just ordered more.

  40. randy

    So far so good a lot of good things in here and once a day is great. I only have been taking a few days but no stomach upset. So check it out. And yes I bought this product and didn’t get it free.

  41. Rod

    Fast shipping and also followed up with an e-mail with information on the product and when the best time to take it. Awesome!!!  NATURELO One Daily Multivitamin for Men – with Whole Food Vitamins & Organic Extracts – Natural Supplement – Best for Energy, General Health – Non-GMO – 60 Capsules | 2 Month Supply I like the natural vitamins and also easy to order and fast delivery.

  42. Kevin H. Southeard

    I really wanted to like these plant based vitamins but they didn’t agree with my stomach. I tried them out for a week but caused stomach burning and terrible gas the entire week Edit:. I decided to give my vitamins to my dad and see if he could take them and so far he hasn’t had any side effects so I’m changing my review. I

  43. Jodie

    I have been purchasing this for my husband for about 4 months now and we have seen a dramatic improvement in his skin, stamina and mood. As he has a meat based diet I like that these are whole food based and have a conscience about the place they are derived from. The folate is not a synthetic form like folic acid in other supplements. This is becoming my new favorite supplement company.

  44. G. Greene

    Came as advertised. Excellent product with good source of healthy organic nutrition. It helps to know I can get the vitamins my body needs without any harmful additives. Thank you Naturelo.

  45. Adam J

    I’ve taken a few brands of vitamins before. With each, after a few days I develop headaches and urinate most of it right back out. With these, I have more energy longer, get no headaches, it’s easy on the stomach. I’d list some other positives but I’m not quite sure if it’s my imagination or not. Will definitely purchase these again as my standard vitamin.

  46. Shawn Scott

    I decided that I wanted a capsule for a daily vitamin…and upon doing a bunch of research I came across the Naturelo products. The thing that I like the most about them is that all of the ingredients (including the capsule!) are natural…not synthesized bi-products. The only gripe I have is that I wish there was a bigger bottle available (like the Vitamin D), but I can certainly manage with a 30 day supply.

  47. Customer

    It’s got everything I was looking for with regard to the amount of K2, biotin, b vitamins, zinc, copper and selenium. It also has the methyl version of B12 and folate. All around impressive and checks every box for me

  48. J. Diaz

    The first bottle I received had different vitamin doses and ingredients than the ones listed (folic acid instead of folate). I returned it, wrote a review and someone from NATURELO reached out to me explaining they updated their formula and must’ve sent me the older version. They said this would be resolved from now on and included a bottle of their new formula. I was really impressed with the customer service as it shows they read their reviews and care about their product. The new formula looks great with quality ingredients (natural folate instead of folic acid, B12 from methylcobalamin instead of the cheaper synthetic). Awesome price for what You get and and top of all this, it’s only one a day, which is what I had been struggling to find. Most of the other quality vitamins require 4-6 pills a day with ingredients I dont think I really need. Very satisfied with NATURELO.

  49. area man

    This is a phenomenal deal on a men’s multivitamin — I can’t imagine buying anything else, seriously. I take a number of supplements additionally, but this is a very, very solid baseline. I’ve tried a number of more exotic — more expensive — brands, but I don’t see the return. By contrast, I wouldn’t bother with the garden-variety you find at the grocery store. Pros * Active forms of B vitamisn (also called coenzymated this is HUGE) * Non GMO, produced in a GMP facility, predominately natural ingredients Cons * Possibly could go higher on a few vitamins (but this is a very solid baseline) This review is entirely unsolicited. I know well how frustrating it is to spend income (or, in my case, SSDI) on such things. However, this one is a keeper.

  50. Jay J. Krull

    David Tomey, the nootropics expert, says that if you do not feel an obvious benefit from your multivitamin then it is probably not doing you any good. I would argue against the obvious” part of his opinion since many health issues sneak by under our conscious radar (high blood pressure being but one example). But I agree with David and the research backs him up on this that the vast majority of multivitamin formulations use chemical variants of vitamins and minerals that are poorly absorbed or utilized by our bodies. A good number of the individual vitamins found in this multivitamin are cultivated and purified from yeast cultures and appear the closest to that which would be obtained from natural food sources. Note that there is no yeast in the capsules themselves – this may be of importance to those of you fighting a gut yeast imbalance. I do my best to grab as much nutrients from the food I eat but I’m a modern guy in a modern age and often fall short. My multivitamin is my nutritional safety net. I want one that comes the closest to providing nutrients the way I’d get them through food. This Naturelo formulation is the closest I’ve found. Reasonably priced too. Unless and until a better one comes along I’ll be taking these.”

  51. James Swiggard Jr.

    Seems to be a good product but the second bottle I just ordered looks nothing like the first. Completely different looking pills and then bottles are slightly different colors. Not sure what to think. Anyone else experience this? Is it ok? Revision: Naturelo emailed me that they’ve made changes to the product by increasing the mineral amounts (therefore requiring a larger capsule size).

  52. DovaKeen

    I bought these for my boyfriend after buying the women’s multivitamin for myself. So far we are very happy with this brand of multivitamins, I cannot say that we have noticed a difference but I will bet that our bodies are happy to have some of the vitamins and minerals we currently lack in our diet. I specifically chose these because they contain nutrients from natural and organic sources, it is a non-GMO product, and they are enclosed in a capsule. After researching multivitamins I found that capsule products are the best because there are no added binding ingredients typically found in gummies and tablets. Since these are vegetable cellulose capsules, the capsule and vitamins are easily recognized, digested, and absorbed into your system. The fact that it is a single, once-a-day capsule is also important – many multivitamins I found required you to consume up to 4 or more a day. Upon first opening there was a very strong, indescribable smell but it has since gone away. Ingredients are easy to read and understand. Made in the USA, which promotes our economy! I highly recommend these vitamins, but I also strongly recommend doing research on multivitamins before buying any. It’s important to know the suggested daily dose for specific types of vitamins and minerals, especially if your body or diet is receiving insufficient quantities of certain vitamins or minerals.

  53. James

    I love Naturelo as a company. Most vitamin companies seem to be trying to swindle you into buying their products, feigning as if their vitamins are much better than they are, all the while choosing low-quality and sometimes dangerous ingredients. Naturelo chooses high-quality ingredients shown to help your body, rather than hurt it, and yet they provide the product at a cost that is still affordable. My sense is that all of the claims made by Naturelo are actually held up by scientific evidence. B-12, for instance, is commonly put in multi-vitamins, but Naturelo uses the safer and more bio-available Methylcobalamine, rather than Cyanocobalimine which is used in so many multivitamins out there. These multivitamins have never caused me an upset stomach, and I don’t have reactions to some of the ingredients that I’ve had with other products. Thanks, Naturelo, for supplying high-quality healing vitamins at an affordable price. Keep up the good work!

  54. PrimeALPHA

    You would be hard pressed to find something of this quality at this price. As a one capsule a day vitamin that covers the DV, its a great cost friendly start to nutrients. My biggest Pro was the inclusion of methylcobalamin vs. the much cheaper and mostly ineffective cyanide bonded cobalamin (cyancobalamin). You can buy vitamins at the 30$+ price point and and still have ineffective vitamins that would be no better than the 15$ counterparts. For those claiming they didn’t feel an effect. I would ask if the consistency in taking them was there, or if your body is more nutrient deprived than you thought. If so, I would look into the Whole Food Multivitamin that Naturelo makes. But there will be a very very small amount of those who will not be able to absorb this as much as the majority, and to them I say look into a liquid based formula that has these nutrients. But otherwise these are a STEAL for the price. At 20$ for 60 capsules, even if they don’t work… you didn’t input harmful overpriced nutrients/ingredients into your body. So, you really can’t lose.

  55. CJC

    Decided to try the organic while foods route of multi-vitamin due to some recommendations from some more naturalpath friends. I like these, they settle well in my stomach and I’ve not felt any abnormal issues from the use of the vitamins. I like that all the ingredients are derived from oragnic food sources and I like the price point of these vitamins compared to the other few choices available with similar quality ingredients. I learned you need to be careful when searching for organic” and “whole food” vitamins. Lots of brands will pop up claiming all of this and when you look at the ingredients they may have some organic sources or may get some of their vitamins from whole foods but you’ll notice they add some questionable ingredients or flat out call things like ascobic acid (vitamin C) “all natural” when you may be looking for whole foods. Just be careful. This brand seems to have it all from what I can tell…”

  56. Mrs. J

    My husband and I have both taken this supplement for a couple years. I was surprised and a bit disappointed to see the formula has changed a little. According to the label on my recent purchase, there is now less zinc, and b vitamins than what I’ve previously ordered. B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin D are our priorities in a supplement. Vitamin D has been increased. The label shown is not the label on the product I received.

  57. BuckSnort

    I really like these vitamins and the company producing them. They recently changed their formula some to reflect certain FDA requirement changes. The company sent out a nice email explaining the change and why and it was truly to provide the best vitamin supplement they could. I will continue to buy and you won’t be disappointed if you do also.

  58. JulZ

    Quality vitamin, reasonably priced, that doesn’t upset my stomach, make me nauseous, or give me headaches like those popular store brands. I plan to be taking these for a long time!

  59. R. Schlimbach

    I don’t know if the vitamins are doing good things for my body. Only my cells and internal organs know. But this brand does have a higher amount of vitamins and minerals than other well known brands. I think it was a great purchase. UPDATE: After two months of taking Naturelo One Daily Multivitamins for Men, I made my second order because I really feel that these vitamins have helped me to feel more energy and the amount of each vitamin and mineral is higher than other well known brands. Excellent customer service and please trust me in knowing that I was not given a free bottle or any freebie in making this purchase two times. Try it and see if you feel better. I highly recommend it and I have tried all brands than you can possibly imagine. It is really an excellent vitamin and mineral supplement.

  60. Michael Logan

    I have been using it for a month. I haven’t seen any large changes in my energy levels compared to previous multivitamins. I have however seen some other changes physically, specifically the Niacin in this. I am easily susceptible to Niacin side effects, and while the flush is not even remotely close to the Niacin I take daily, I can feel a slight change in my body, very, very very slight, after taking this pill. My previous multivitamin did not have the small quantity of Niacin, so I know that this product must be working if I can feel it.

  61. Jermaine D

    These multivitamins are awesome. I have tried several different brands some advertising for sport/athletes etc… They all pale in comparison to your company’s multivitamins. Most companies I could tell I was getting junk vitamins from them because I could see it in my urine (TMI, I’m sorry) and/or my energy would plummet after taking them. Thank you for providing an excellent product at a competitive/affordable price.

  62. Customer

    This is the best one daily out there. The list exactly what you are taking and its all organic. They also include real ingredients that actually representscwhat its being sold as. For example: ascorbic acid is not vitamin c. Every multi I’ve ever seen has vitamin c as absorbic acid though. Naturelo uses real vitamin c from fruit. This doesn’t sound like a big deal but take a regular multi on an empty stomach and then take this. The stomach pain you feel from the other multi is synthetic fake ingredients.

  63. Customer

    I’ve never written a review before but I think this product defiantly deserves one! I’ve tried many different multivitamins and supplements for fatigue, focus and concentration. I can easily say that this product is the best one I’ve tried. I’ve probably spent over $200-$300 on supplements so I know from experience this is good. I feel energized, focused and confident, I’m also really sensitive to caffeine. I know some people can’t tell a difference if this works or not, but I think it depends on the person because everyone is different. if you want a inexpensive high quality product I highly recommend buying this

  64. Robert

    I love this product, I’ve used others in the market that claim to be natural but they always kept my stomach in pain until I went searching for the best. It’s true, my stomach has no pain and I feel healthier for it. This shipped fast and I even had one bottle show up sealed up but the product inside was full of powder and as soon as I told them about it (on a Sunday) they repliedstraight back with they will send a new one on Monday. The best product with the best experience ever. Thank you.

  65. Seth Z

    Honestly I decided that it was time to replace the One a Day vitamins. I am also a Shakology guy, so honestly, I don’t feel any different after taking this. I don’t feel worse! Knowing that the ingredients are all natural is reassuring. I wish I could say more great things about this vitamin, but honestly, its a daily vitamin.

  66. Hung Ly

    Overall great product, the sources appear to be natural and doesn’t have all the fillers a typical vitamin has. However do not let the bottle get even remotely damp. I had put mine in a baggie that got a little water in it and even though I had this container hand tight it got it and ruined a number of the vitamins causing a little mess. Luckily most were okay, probably will buy again.

  67. Ashley & Kelly

    Seems like a quality product and I have felt better while using it.

  68. Customer

    All natural, good product with no side effects.

  69. Adam

    I haven’t really felt any difference been taking these for probably 2weeks and I don’t feel nothing different in my body will update review in a month

  70. Cozumel Sun

    I love this vitamin. I can actually wake up the first time the alarm goes off instead of hitting snooze five times. I feel great!

  71. Customer

    I really like it alot. I was taking a package of vits. Love the one pill that does so much and actually better fo me. At 68 that’s important to me.

  72. EGP

    I feel that this is a good basic all natural clean daily multi-vitamin that fits my needs.

  73. Pita Dragon

    Not sure what all the hype is about this vitamin. Relatively small amounts of each nutrient. Didn’t feel any noticeable difference taking this as opposed to other natural vitamins.

  74. thiink

    Healthier than most of the vitamins on the market, but makes me sneeze.

  75. Steve

    Great multivitamin without the after taste I’ve experienced with other brands. Just one easy to swallow capsule, I’ll be ordering these again.

  76. Caramel Cairo

    My husband loved the vitamins he ordered and recommended I order the women daily vitamins. I look forward to seeing the results, since he swears by them.

  77. JnG

    Vitamin is easy to swallow. Liked that seller reached out with information about when best to take vitamins.

  78. Kahiau4life

    I’ve been taking another brand for a few years and can really feel a better difference with these.

  79. john r wederstrandt

    I feel better with these vitamins. I have used others in the past but noticed a marked difference (for the better) with these. I use them in conjunction with my other herbs and minerals and they are a great addition.

  80. Steve Taylor

    I really like the product. I started taking it on my own accord because I’m on the road a lot, and don’t get to eat as good as I want to sometimes. It could be strictly a mental thing, but I do feel more energetic since I’ve started taking these vitamins, and regardless I’d recommend them to a friend.

  81. C

    It’s okay. I didn’t notice a large boost in the typically expected effects..but it’s not bad. At least it’s natural.

  82. Patty Z.

    I like that it is natural without artificial fillers. My husband thought it made his vision a little better. I’m not sure if I saw any mention-able effects but I do like that it is natural

  83. Monty

    Vitamins seem to be fine, they may help me relax and sleep better so I tend to take them at night.

  84. Matthew X

    Love this multi. I can take it on an empty stomach without any nausea. Company seems to care and their raw materials appear to be of high quality.

  85. SABBIR

    Very good. I feel energetic than usual

  86. Wa H

    So far really good easy on the stomach.

  87. Glenroy George

    I do not sleep well (5 – 5 1/2 hrs four or five nights per week). This vitamin has me feeling more energised (though not as much as I would like) than Centrum and many others that I have tried. I hope the manufacturer continues to maintain the standards of quality and naturalness”.”

  88. Alex B

    Good multivitamin pack for men. It’s what I needed. I will definitely reorder.

  89. Cynthia

    Works well!

  90. john r wederstrandt

    I feel better with these vitamins. I have used others in the past but noticed a marked difference (for the better) with these. I use them in conjunction with my other herbs and minerals and they are a great addition.

  91. Steve Taylor

    I really like the product. I started taking it on my own accord because I’m on the road a lot, and don’t get to eat as good as I want to sometimes. It could be strictly a mental thing, but I do feel more energetic since I’ve started taking these vitamins, and regardless I’d recommend them to a friend.

  92. C

    It’s okay. I didn’t notice a large boost in the typically expected effects..but it’s not bad. At least it’s natural.

  93. Patty Z.

    I like that it is natural without artificial fillers. My husband thought it made his vision a little better. I’m not sure if I saw any mention-able effects but I do like that it is natural

  94. Monty

    Vitamins seem to be fine, they may help me relax and sleep better so I tend to take them at night.

  95. Matthew X

    Love this multi. I can take it on an empty stomach without any nausea. Company seems to care and their raw materials appear to be of high quality.

  96. SABBIR

    Very good. I feel energetic than usual

  97. Wa H

    So far really good easy on the stomach.

  98. Glenroy George

    I do not sleep well (5 – 5 1/2 hrs four or five nights per week). This vitamin has me feeling more energised (though not as much as I would like) than Centrum and many others that I have tried. I hope the manufacturer continues to maintain the standards of quality and naturalness”.”

  99. Alex B

    Good multivitamin pack for men. It’s what I needed. I will definitely reorder.

  100. Cynthia

    Works well!

  101. Customer

    Ive used many multivitamins over the years and all hurt my stomach and appetite but this one I feel ten times better and have a normal appetite again. I changed nothing in my daily routine and diet other that this supplement and it can’t be a coincidence. Great product!!!!

  102. Robin

    Awesome and love that is is a one a day!

  103. PCT

    I’ve taken many multi-vitamins over the years, but this one appears to be pretty comprehensive as far as addressing all my basic vitamin/mineral needs. My health is very good and I attribute that at least partially to taking this supplement. Highly recommended.

  104. Bryan McMinn

    I like the one a day ease

  105. Papa G

    Just the right balance of vitamins and minerals for each day!

  106. Rich King

    Wonderful product,highly recommend buying this product.

  107. Vincent T.

    Very good vitamin

  108. Legit reviewer

    the only vitamin that i can take because i have Celiac Disease and it is gluten free


    > I like that it seems my body absorbs them better (normal urine color.) Also that they the nutrients are derived from plants and not synthetic.

  110. splendkryp

    I like it because is easy on my stomach, no pain like other i’ve taken before.

  111. Customer

    I don’t feel any different after taking this.

  112. Bruce Rosen

    hese vitamins are great. I need to get a pill box so I remember to take them. I’m not sure why it’s so hard to remember. Where’s my motivation?

  113. Robert Sanford

    I’ve looked and read and looked and read some more, and these guys got it going on. I’ve just orderd there1000mg fish oil. They have it going on in this area too.. If I could find away to get free shipping these people would be perfect… A+

  114. theshef2001

    I switched to these guys because it’s food based not made in a lab. Great product for a great price.

  115. Andres

    I like that these are wholefood and more natural, QUALITY INGREDIENTS, QUALITY MULT-VITAMIN for men, my first choice, and hope you guys continue selling your products on Amazon Canada, so they are more easy for us Canadians to purchase, thanks, Andres from Toronto, Canada 🙂

  116. Maryann Howard

    My husband and my son-in-law take this and I have noticed changes in them. My husband thinks clearer and has more energy. My son-in-laws emotions are more stable. Great product!

  117. Happy Customer

    Knowing that these supplements are made with organic ingredients and contain so many beneficial ingredients makes you feel good in addition to the actual health benefits.

  118. Joe Siok

    Love this multivitamin! Easy to take, all natural ingredients, does not upset my stomach at all. Love the capsule/powder vs a hard tablet that is difficult to digest. Been taking these for a couple years now – very happy!

  119. J Randall Burn

    Vitamin B12 (as natural methylcobalamin) 2.6 mcg 110%

    The one most important to me in the supply chain.
    The Best Forms of B12. Methylcobalamin (Methyl group + B12) the most active form of B12 seems to be better absorbed and retained in our tissues in higher amounts than the synthetic cyanocobalamin. Methylcobalamin is used much more efficiently by the liver, brain and nervous system.

    Folks do the research and reap the reward

    Thanks for a great product, J. Randall

  120. Nazik Chaaraoui

    I bought these multivitamins for my husband who was complaining of aches and pains and low energy.
    Since taking these he has not complained of any pains and he’s energy has come back.
    I bought this brand mainly because it’s made from whole foods and the price is affordable.
    Thank you Naturelo -}

  121. Shawn

    I wish the one a day had:

    Boron (1 mg)
    Slightly more D3 (1000-2000 IU total)
    Slightly less A & E
    Slightly more Iodine (150-225 mcg total)
    Add K2 MK-4 (300-500 mcg)
    More Pantothenic Acid (B5)

    If “room” in the capsule is needed to achieve this calcium or phosporus could be reduced.

    The “organic fruits & vegetables complex” in such small doses are useless: 100 mg of CoQ10 would be more useful.

    With these changes, NATURELO One a Day would definitvely be the ULTIMATE one a day multivitamin

  122. Toby Ramsey

    What I like about the multivitamin from Naturelo is that I get all of the vitamins I need in one convenient capsule. One of the big reason i like and am buying most of my vitamins from this company is the customer support.They go the extra mile to make sure you get your order and get it right!

  123. Healthpointe

    Quality is better than quantity. 100% DV of a natural supplement is better than 1000% of a chemical synthesized from petroleum, or other non-food sources. If it’s not real, you don’t need it. Don’t waste money on supplements sold in barrels, and then labeled for many different companies.

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